About Us

About Us


We will service your Filter Queen and service it correctly. Many all brand vac stores just do not know these machines like we do. I can practically assemble a Filter Queen blindfolded. We have seen many mistakes made on repairs.

When a customer gives us a repair we go the extra mile.  Not only are the problems fixed,  the machine get fully serviced.  The filters are analyzed and replaced if needed.  The motors are vacuumed to clean out deep embedded dirt which makes the motor run hotter.  The power head is tested for belt slippage and brush for wear.  Hoses are inspected for stress cracks.  Caster bearings are cleaned out and oiled.   The units are reassembled, polished and suctions tested.

We are probably the only oldest unique Filter Queen repair shop in the country. A family business since 1940 we have an irreplaceable bank of experience. We are proud to have over 70 years of quality service keeping your air clean! You cannot go wrong.

When you buy from Filter Queen Specialties, your satisfaction is our number one priority. Eventually you will need more Filter Queen parts, service or on line help and we want you to come back to us.  A Filter Queen Sanitation System can last for many many years and we want you to be our customer for many many years. When we get repeat customers we know we are doing our job right.

Our inventory are mostly genuine Filter Queen parts.  The only way we purchase generic parts is when the quality is good enough or the genuine has been discontinued.  Also the inventory includes many part  discontinued since we have been servicing Filter Queen for so many years.   So if you are looking for a rare  part call us, we may have it.  Many parts are not in the web store yet.


Our machines All of our units are thoroughly cleaned & sanitized with a bacterial virus killing spray. The main unit is torn down cleaned as well as the power nozzle. All of the filters are replaced, attachments are cleaned if not too worn, Otherwise replaced. I will not in most cases sell a used hose, mostly depends on how used it is. I just think that after sanitizing the units a dirty hose should not be used.

All of the casing are then polished, all broken parts are replaced. Power nozzle brushes are replaced and rusty brush bearings. Motors are vacuumed for dust, inspected. I don’t replace motor brushes or dress the armature. That is so old school and does not prolong the motor life. Once a armature is worn it is worn for life and the life of the motor is on its way out. By the time the motor brushed need replaced it is under powered and a more powerful motor is one the market.

When all finished our machines are fine looking, great running, the best for their condition.