• Motor Replacement 1 Speed, 2 Wire Filter Queen

Filter Queen replacement 1 speed, wire, 2 stage fan motor.  Manufacture by Lamb Electric.

Filter Queen have used Lamb motors for many years.

This motor is a 5.7", 120 volt, B/B, 2 stage, Thru-Flow motor. This motor is designed to fit several model  Filter Queens, 31,350 and 500(more listed below). Also including other brands, Eureka one speed 2 stage canisters, Also, Mastercraft, Airway, Kingston, Royal and Kent.

  • Motor
  • 5.7"
  • 120 Volt
  • Ball/Ball
  • 2-Stage
  • Thru-Flow

 You can use L-33384 for the carbon brush.

Part identification for Filter Queens are by unit model and power nozzle model.  The reason is that the 2 units can be mixed with each other.  Though many parts and interchangeable some are not.

The 360  & AT1100 series and later are not interchangeable to models prior to 360s.

This model is designed from the factory to fit model:

Filter Queen 350

Filter Queen 500

Filter Queen 31X (Brown) With Power Nozzle 48 or 88 

Filter QueenRN92 (Gray) Princess With Power Nozzle 

Filter QueenPNG92 (Gray) Princess With Power Nozzle 

This motor will not work on machines that use 220 volts

Please view the pictures, descriptions and ask any questions PRIOR to purchase.

I need to mention that there are many listings for motors on the web. Many descriptions are not correct on what machines they are for. Some state the incorrect number of wires for a certain model or a motor with connectors saying they will fit the older units.  Older units have no connectors.

Please be careful in selecting your motor. We list  motors according to what the company states will be compatible.

Feel confident with your on line purchase.  Purchase all of your Filter Queen parts from a Factory Authorized Service Center.

Being a Factory Authorized Service Center through out the years you can feel confident with diagnoses to the purchase of your parts.  If you need to talk about parts or troubleshooting give us a call. We will help diagnose your problem.  A qualified tech is at hand.

#########Filter Queen Specialties know that many customers would like to contact a business by phone and get an answer to a question right then not later.  Unfortunately many web site makes it hard to find a number or do not give one, makes one wonder why. So, if you have a question feel free to call.  We may miss your call helping a customer  or repairing a Filter Queen.font> Please leave a message, really we will call you back very soon.    If you are not in a hurry for an answer click on the contact us tab.
                                                                                                                                              Hope we can of service to you in some way or another.  Call 440-835-1229.

We want you as our happy customer

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Motor Replacement 1 Speed, 2 Wire Filter Queen

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