Genuine Filter Queen white Semi  Annual  Bio Cones & Medipure  filter cones.

The Semi-Annual Bio Cones filter pack includes:

  1.  1 Medipure Premium Filter Cone
  2.  6 Primary Pre Filter Bio Cones
  3.  1 Unit Motor Guard

All Filter Queens have this choice of the Bio filter or the regular filter.  The Filter Queen's  filter cleans exhaust air 99.98% efficiency at 0.1 micron. This is better than HEPA.  Filter Queen's® patented design and high-quality filters enable the System to perform at an exceptional level.

Models 95X and older will need the new style dirt container gasket.   The new Bio Cone filter has additional filtration due to it's special coating that is applied to each filter.  This provides the additional filtering that gives really sensitive allergy suffers up one on filtering air  plus Bacteria Protection to give better relief. Genuine filters cones need to be used in the Filter Queen  to receive the benefit of clean exhaust air from allergens. Only genuine filters  will have the Health-Mor seal and company name printed on each filter.  Both genuine regular filters and the Bio Cones will have the trade mark.  

Beware of internet ads selling Bio Cones without the packaging. Generic filters will void your Filter Queen warranty.  Generic filters are not evenly manufactured and leak particles of dirt and eventually will clog up the filter, causing the motor run hot burning it up. Look for the genuine Filter Queen product seal on the package to assure that you are purchasing a genuine filter. Package includes 12 filter cones, motor filter and instructions. Designed for a filter a month (depending on vacuum habits) and 1 a year on the motor filter Filter Queen Specialties know that many customers would like to contact a business by phone and get an answer to a question right then not later.  Unfortunately many web site makes it hard to find a number or do not give one, makes one wonder why.  Talk to us 440-835-1229


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Filters Bio Cones Medipure Semi Annual Pkg

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