• Grill Decal Tan and Chrome Filter Queen

Genuine Filter Queen dome grill decal.  This decal is for the  tan machines model listed below.  The Filter Queen print is highlighted in tan and chrome color.  This is NOS (new old stock) which mean this part is no longer available.  The grill can be put on all of the older model Filter Queens up to the model 99A.  The only difference is the color will not match the unit.  Model id is stamped under the dome cap.


Part numbers as follows:

Old Part Number - L-33706

This decal fits the following models:

  • 31
  • 33

This will not fit the following models:

    • 112A (70th Anniversary)
    • 112B (Limited Edition)
    • 112C (75th Anniversary)
    • M360
    • M11 



We are a family business and have been working with the Filter Queen factory since 1940.  Through out those years we have had brick & mortar store, authorized factory service center, selling parts and service.  We are able to answer most Filter Queen questions and have contacts at the factory to find out an answer if we cannot give you one.


Filter Queen Specialties know that many customers would like to contact a business by phone  So, if you have a question feel free to call.  We may miss your call, but. please leave a message, really we will call you back very soon.   If you are not in a hurry for an answer click on the contact us tab.

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Grill Decal Tan and Chrome Filter Queen

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